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By lautenbachi3222704, Aug 27 2016 08:35PM

Wow! 25 YEARS! We have grown since the beginning of this business, when Troy started out on his own, a recent grad without a job. Not that you can relate or anything…

Since then, we have grown: both physically in the size of our facility, and as a company through the size of our customer base, partnerships, and service area. This would NOT BE POSSIBLE without the support of our families, employees, loyal customers, partners, and our community!


Our 25th Anniversary celebration was a great time. We had great food, drinks, desserts, and a wonderful MC/DJ to host! Thank you to:






Lautenbach Over the Years:

1991 First Inspection, from non-other than David Bader, who now works for us!

T&T Recovery started in 1994, wood recycling & demolition work

Bought our first Roll-off Truck, ’94 Dodge 1-Ton

Trident Seafood was our FIRST customer!

1999, Torrey came aboard along with LAUTS, INC.

Bought first roll-off truck, Number 1, from Troy and Torrey’s Dad & Grandfather

2001, Started co-mingled recycling, hauling material to Recovery1 in Tacoma

One of our first partnerships!

2002, Moved operations to Samish Pit on old Highway 99

Still used for roofing recycling

2009, Began construction on current facility on Ball Rd.

Majority of work was done by Lautenbach employees

2014, took over San Juan Transfer Station located in Friday Harbor

Thank you to John Yeasting!

Did You KNOW?

We provide trucking services for multiple anaerobic digesters all over Western Washington?

Torrey sits on the Skagit County Solid Waste Advisory Committee?

Troy sits on the Whatcom County and San Juan County Solid Waste Advisory Committees?

Troy is the chair of the Washington State Solid Waste Advisory Committee?

Troy is a board member of the Washington State Recycling Association?

Troy is a VP for the National Construction & Demolition Recycling Association?

We’re at about 85% recycle rate!

We have 44 employees, 20+ trucks, 5 excavators, 3 loaders AND a full-scale maintenance shop!

By lautenbachi3222704, May 25 2016 09:20PM


Washington State’s most advanced recycling company reaches a milestone

Lautenbach Recycling celebrates our 25th year as a leading recycling waste hauler in Washington State. The facility has been marked as one of the most advanced recycling facilities in the Pacific Northwest.

On Friday, June 17 from 2:00pm-6:00pm, invited guests will be thanked for years of outstanding service and commitment to advancing recycling. Guests will also be able tour the facility, learn how innovative large scale recycling works and see one of the most advanced sort lines in the State. Families in attendance will be able to participate in a large-scale interactive mural by Wildflower Murals.

With over 43 employees and nearly 800 customers, Lautenbach Recycling has helped revolutionize construction waste recycling in Washington State with nearly a 90% diversion rate. In 2015 alone, the facility removed 26,725 tons from the landfill. Owner Troy Lautenbach said, “What started with a pick up truck full of recycled sheet rock and a relationship with local farmers has transformed into a family owned and community supported business. We feel honored to have incredible customers and outstanding employees.” The 25th Anniversary celebration pays thank you to the surrounding community and businesses.

The Lautenbach Recycling facility is the only company north of California that is third party certified by the Recycling Certification Institute and the only facility in Washington State where contractors receive a LEED pilot credit simply for hauling to the facility. In addition to managing construction waste recycling, Lautenbach covers Western Washington, hauling spent hops from breweries, food processing line wastes from food manufactures, fish waste from local suppliers, and providing demolition services to contractors.

For more information about this event, please visit our event page at

By lautenbachi3222704, Jan 29 2016 05:51AM

No one has to tell us how awesome our guys (and gals) are. Week to week, they show up early, work hard, stay late, and get the job done. From demolition, to drop-offs and pick-ups, paperwork, customer service, and bookkeeping, we know our team can handle it. So it's great when the hard work they do is recognized by our clients. The last few weeks have been busy, but we're never ones to complain about that. So, when a job presented itself, we did our best to get in there and get it done. And we were lucky enough to have it recognized by one particular client.

"Di, if I ever need a pilot to command and dock a space ship it is going to be Greg.

Is he talented or what? Please thank him for setting aside the beams for the project.

The job site looks fantastic. I'm glad your crew was able to get in before the rain."

If you do ever have the chance to work with Greg, we're sure you won't disagree. And Di, well she knows how to get it done. But hey, it's all in a day's work.

By lautenbachi3222704, Jul 17 2015 10:22PM

Welcome to our blog page!

To begin our blog, we decided to share with you a little more about our company's history. After graduating from Central Washington University with a business finance degree, Troy Lautenbach wanted to begin a career in solid waste management. However, as many college grads experience, jobs were scarce. Meanwhile, Troy's uncles, who were in the dairy farming business, were exploring ways to recycle products who didn't have a reputation for being recyclable. One of these, was drywall. In 1994, Troy was able to get his first roll off truck, focusing primarily on wood recycling. However, thinking about his uncles and their experiments recycling drywall, he decided to try and expand to something else--recycling demolition materials. This became Troy's niche. By 1999, the company was growing and Troy decided to bring his brother, Torrey, on board. With Torrey primarily running operations, and Troy focusing on marketing and public relations, the company continued to grow. Together, they have managed to grow their business and develop their niche. On a five-acre facility just outside Mt. Vernon, WA, they have developed unique processes to ensure the best results. In fact, their techniques allow them to recycle up to 70% of materials! In addition to being Skagit County's leader in demo-recycling, we are also a recycling facility open to the public! We have a friendly staff here to help you with your recycling needs Monday-Friday, 7am-6pm, and Saturday 9am-3pm. The Lautenbach Industries family has grown, but we remain a close-knit family-owned company with a commitment to sustainability through efficiency and service. Bring by your recyclables and let our family work for yours!

By guest, Apr 21 2015 05:41PM

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