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Lautenbach Industries - Recycling | Mount Vernon, WA
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Since 1991

Does your business deal with organic waste that you don't want ending up in a landfill or the waste water sewer system? Lautenbach Industries has special roll-off boxes with lids and sealed doors to haul high-liquid, low-BOD materials away for safe, secure containment.

Since 1991

Hives Removal



Let the professionals come to you

The efficient, experienced staff at Lautenbach Industries will come to your location, perform an audit of your current waste system, and implement green solutions to tackle your company's waste.

Go green and save

You can save money for your company, keep your current waste systems on-track, and proudly show your customers your support for "green" practices by allowing us to remove your waste and convert it to green electricity with methane digesters.

Top-quality service

Working with local, family-owned Lautenbach Industries will give you a real taste of what dedicated, personal service is all about. Your materials will be processed and sent to several methane digesters throughout Washington State.

Green electricity